E-Marketplace Integration

Ticimax Integration

Through Ticimax's e-commerce infrastructure, you can easily import your products into your account, then send them to marketplaces through your integration panel.

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    Product Transfer

    Ticimax e-ticaret sitenizdeki tekil veya seçenekli ürünlerinizi webservis entegrasyonu ya da xml entegrasyonu ile entegi panelinize kolayca aktarabilirsiniz.

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    Inventory Management

    Effortlessly track your stocks from a single dashboard.
    Your product sold on Ticimax e-commerce site is instantly deducted from your integration panel.
    Many integrations, shared inventory tracking...

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    Order Management

    View all your orders from a single dashboard.
    Manage orders you receive from your e-commerce website and marketplaces through your Integration panel.

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Ticimax -Product-

Within the Ticimax infrastructure, you can easily transfer your singular or variant products to your integration panel on your e-commerce website.
Later, you can send the products you have imported into your integration panel to online marketplaces with just one click.

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Ticimax -Stock-

Integration enables automatic stock synchronization of products pulled at specified intervals.
The stock that decreases on your e-commerce website is instantly reflected in your control panel.

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Ticimax -Order-

Orders from the Ticimax catalog are transferred to your integration panel shortly. Afterwards, you can manage your order, print the shipping receipt and barcode.

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Ticimax -Invoice-

You can print the invoices of the transferred orders.

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