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Marketplace Integrations

Send your products to online marketplaces. View orders from multiple marketplaces on a single dashboard.

Cargo Integration

Send your orders individually or collectively to shipping companies. Print your shipping receipts.

Catalog Management

Manage all your products, brands, and categories from a single dashboard. Assign variants and attributes to your products.

Xml Outputs

Send your products to platforms such as Google Merchant, Facebook Business, Akakce, and Cimri.

E-Invoice Integration

Automatically transfer all your marketplace orders to the e-invoice system, individually or collectively.

Web Service Integrations

You can transfer the products on your e-commerce website to your panel and then send the products to marketplaces.

Price and Stock History

Display the price and stock history of the products in your panel over time.

Subscription System

Ensure regular orders for your products. This feature is available in your Integration panel.

Warehouse Management

View and easily track all the stocks in your different warehouses from a single dashboard.


Upload your products in bulk from the XML source to your integration panel.

C2C Marketplace Integration

Transfer your products from your Marketplace system to your Entegi panel. Send your orders to your C2C system.

Detailed Reporting

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