E-Marketplace Integration

Basic Accounting System


Keep the Accounting of Your Sales

Quickly and easily manage your income and expenses with pre-accounting software integrations.

You can easily manage your financial operations through a single dashboard. Tasks such as invoicing, income and expense management, tracking current accounts, and managing your orders are now made easy with the pre-accounting program.

Invoice Tracking

You can quickly issue invoices for your orders.

Income Expense Tracking

You can view all the income and expenses of your business from a single dashboard.

Accounts Receivable Tracking

You can easily manage your customer and supplier information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I generate invoices for incoming orders from the integration panel?

You can easily generate invoices for orders from all sales channels through your integrated panel.

Which accounting software can I integrate with?

Integration with Paraşüt, Uyumsoft, EDM, BizimHesap, and Sysmond accounting software is possible.

Can I track my income and expenses through an integration tool?

You can track your income and expenses with a preliminary accounting software.