E-Marketplace Integration

Inventory and Price Management


Simultaneous Price-Stock Management

You can manage price and stock instantly with Entegi on marketplaces and XML integrations.

You can view the history of price and inventory changes that you have made periodically at certain time intervals.

The stock change from one sales channel automatically reflects on other sales channels.

History Viewing

You can view the history of all price and stock changes you made from your control panel.

Price Update

You can update the prices of your products from your integration panel. The updated prices will also reflect on marketplaces and your e-commerce website.

Stock Update

You can manually update your stocks from the inventory panel. Any stock changes coming from one sales channel will automatically reflect on the other sales channels.

Update with XML

The prices and stocks information of your products, which come with xml integration or export to other platforms as xml output, are updated simultaneously everywhere.

Update with Integration

Changes in prices and stock levels on your integrated panel are automatically reflected on marketplaces and your e-commerce website. By doing so, you can manage your work in a synchronized manner on every platform.

Promotional Prices

You can create strikethrough prices on your product prices by adding campaigns in bulk, or directly apply discounts on the base price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make changes to the products that come from XML?

Evet, you can make edits/updates on the products retrieved with XML and change prices and stock.

Can I see the price-stock history?

You can view all the price-stock changes you've made in the system.

Can I create a discounted price?

Evet, ilgili ürünün detayından kampanyalı(üstü çizili) fiyat oluşturabilirsiniz. Pazaryerlerine göndereceğiniz fiyat panelinizdeki \'Görünen Fiyat\' olacaktır.

Will the price and stock I update on the panel be visible on marketplaces as well?

Any price or stock changes made through your integration panel will reflect on all the products you send or match via integration.

Can I upload products in bulk using Excel?

Currently, product upload with excel is not available. We are constantly improving our system, Future will be available very soon.

Can I sell without stocks?

You can't do dropshipping on marketplaces without stocks.