E-Marketplace Integration

Cargo Integration


Easily Ship Your Orders

You can easily manage your cargo operations through your integrated panel, generate cargo outputs, and directly send orders to the courier using cargo receipts.

By doing so, you can speed up your operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Cargo Companies

aras cargo

Aras Cargo

mng cargo

MNG Cargo

sürat cargo

Sürat Cargo

yurtiçi cargo

Yurtiçi Cargo

ptt cargo

Ptt Cargo

ups cargo

UPS Cargo


Cargo Receipt

You can easily print a shipping receipt for your orders.

Automatic Shipping Notification

You can automatically notify your customers of the status of their order.

Barcode Output

You can print the shipping barcode of your orders.

Tracking Code

You can share the tracking code of your orders with your customers.

High Efficiency

Efficiently manage all your shipping processes from a single panel.

Sms and E-Mail

Your cargo tracking is sent to your mobile phone and email address as notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have a shipping receipt for my orders?

Sure, you can get a shipping receipt for your orders.

Which cargo companies can I integrate with?

Integration with Aras, MNG, Sürat, Yurtiçi, Ptt, and Ups cargo services is possible.

How does cargo integration work?

From marketplaces and your e-commerce website, you can transfer orders to the shipping company through a single panel, print the shipping label, and deliver the order to the shipping company with a barcode output.

Can I get a shipping barcode printout for my orders?

Sure, you can get a shipping barcode receipt for your orders.

Can I integrate multiple shipping carriers?

Yes, you can integrate with multiple shipping companies and transfer any order to any courier you prefer.

From which panel can I handle cargo operations?

You can transfer to shipping from your integration panel, print a shipping receipt, and get a barcode output. You can perform cancellation/return processes through the shipping panel.