E-Marketplace Integration

E-Invoice Transfer System


Issue an Invoice for Your Orders.

Orders from marketplaces or your e-commerce website are instantly integrated into the Control Panel. You can view, approve, or reject the details of incoming orders.

You can print the invoices of the orders from your marketplace and e-commerce website in bulk through a single panel.

You can generate e-invoices either individually or collectively if you wish.

Quick Collection

Don't waste time on your e-invoice follow-ups, create your e-invoices instantly.

Easy and Fast Invoice

You can view all the income and expenses of your business from a single dashboard.


Reduce paper consumption, help protect the environment.

Minimum Cost

E-Invoices are archived in digital format, eliminating the need for archiving costs.

Singular or Collective

You can print your E-Invoices one by one or, if you prefer, in bulk.

Digital Environment

Get rid of physical bills, simplify your business.