E-Marketplace Integration

Catalog Management


Manage Your Catalog

Through catalog management, you can easily perform tasks such as uploading products, creating options, establishing categories and brands, defining your warehouses, and building your customer list.

You can make edits and copies on products, options, categories, brands, warehouses, and your customers at any time, and also download your data as an Excel output.

You can simultaneously send your products to online marketplaces with Entegi and receive real-time output in XML integrations.

Manual Product Entry

You can manually upload products to your control panel. You can create your products individually or as variants if you wish.

Adding Options

You can enter as many options as you want for your products and define the added options for your products. Make specific definitions for product options such as images, prices, and stock.

Creating Categories

You can create your categories manually. You can define them as main categories or subcategories.

Brand Building

You can create your brands and assign the brands you create to your products in product management.

Customer List

You can manually create your customer list through your integrated panel.
You can download your customer list as an Excel output from your integrated panel.

Warehouse Management

You can define your warehouse in your integrated panel and track inventory through your warehouses.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I exceed the product limit?

When you attempt to upload more products than the limit specified in your package to your control panel, the system will suggest upgrading your package. After upgrading the package, you can continue with the product upload process.

How many options can I add to the product?

Feel free to add as many options to your product as you wish and by cross-referencing these options, you can create each of them as separate products.

What is option cross-matching?

We'll define options for your product as follows: Size: S, M and Color: Black, White. By cross-referencing your options, you can create four separate products: S-Black, M-Black, S-White, M-White.

Can I define my own brand in the system?

You can define your own brand on your vendor panel and transfer using your own brand if it is defined on the marketplaces. Otherwise, you need to get your brand registered by contacting the marketplaces.

Can I do a bulk product upload?

Using XML integration and web service integration, you can perform bulk product uploads. Afterwards, you can make edits/updates to your products.

Is it possible to manage subcategories in the system?

First, you can define your main categories and then add as many subcategories as you wish. You can associate your products with any category you desire and add them to multiple categories.