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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I exceed the product limit?

When you attempt to upload more products than the limit specified in your package to your control panel, the system will suggest upgrading your package. After upgrading the package, you can continue with the product upload process.

Can I change my plan whenever I want?

You can upgrade your plan anytime and switch to a higher package as needed.

Can I cancel my account whenever I want?

You can cancel your account at any time. After cancellation, your account will remain active until the end of the current billing period.

How many options can I add to the product?

You can add as many options to your products as you like, and by cross-listing your options, you can create each one as a separate product.

Can I define my own brand in the system?

You can define your own brand on your vendor panel and transfer using your own brand if it is defined on the marketplaces. Otherwise, you need to get your brand registered by contacting the marketplaces.

Can subcategory management be done in the system?

You can define your main categories and then add as many subcategories as you like. You can associate your products with any category you wish and add them to multiple categories if desired.

Can I change the prices and stock of the products pulled with XML?

Evet, you can make edits/updates on the products retrieved with XML and change prices and stock.

Can I see the price-stock history?

You can view all the price-stock changes you've made in the system.

Can I sell without stocks?

You can't do dropshipping on marketplaces without stocks.

Can I make changes to the order information?

You can make changes/updates to the orders received on your admin panel.

Can I have a shipping receipt for my orders?

Sure, you can get a shipping receipt for your orders.

Can I get a shipping barcode printout for my orders?

Sure, you can get a shipping barcode receipt for your orders.

Which cargo companies can I integrate with?

Integration with Aras, MNG, Sürat, Yurtiçi, Ptt, and Ups cargo services is possible.

How does cargo integration work?

From marketplaces and your e-commerce website, you can transfer orders to the shipping company through a single panel, print the shipping label, and deliver the order to the shipping company with a barcode output.

Can I generate invoices for incoming orders from the integration panel?

You can easily generate invoices for orders from all sales channels through your integrated panel.

What does order management include?

You can view all orders from the marketplaces, e-commerce, and C2C accounts integrated into the system through your panel. You can transfer orders to shipping companies.

Do you offer discounted plans?

Referral program, discounts for female entrepreneurs, new entrepreneurs, and dealers are available. You can contact us for discounts.

What are your payment options?

The payment options include credit card, and for annual payments, there is the option to pay with both credit card and bank transfer.

What is option cross-matching?

We'll define options for your product as follows: Size: S, M and Color: Black, White. By cross-referencing your options, you can create four separate products: S-Black, M-Black, S-White, M-White.

Can I do a bulk product upload?

Using XML integration and web service integration, you can perform bulk product uploads. Afterwards, you can make edits/updates to your products.

Will the price and stock I update on the panel be visible on marketplaces as well?

Any price or stock changes made through your integration panel will reflect on all the products you send or match via integration.

Can I upload products in bulk using Excel?

Currently, product upload with excel is not available. We are constantly improving our system, Future will be available very soon.

Can I create a discounted price?

Evet, ilgili ürünün detayından kampanyalı(üstü çizili) fiyat oluşturabilirsiniz. Pazaryerlerine göndereceğiniz fiyat panelinizdeki \'Görünen Fiyat\' olacaktır.

What happens if I exceed the order limit?

Once you exceed the limit included in your package on your dashboard, the system will suggest upgrading your package. After upgrading, you can continue receiving orders.

How can I inform my customers about the status of their orders?

From your integration panel, you can notify your customer about the status of their order via email or SMS.

Can I get an invoice for my orders?

You can transfer your orders to E-Invoice companies.

Can I get a shipping barcode printout for my orders?

Sure, you can get a shipping barcode receipt for your orders.

Can I integrate multiple shipping carriers?

Yes, you can integrate with multiple shipping companies and transfer any order to any courier you prefer.

From which panel can I handle cargo operations?

You can transfer to shipping from your integration panel, print a shipping receipt, and get a barcode output. You can perform cancellation/return processes through the shipping panel.

Can I track my income and expenses through an integration tool?

Through your preliminary accounting integration, you can easily track your income and expenses on a single panel.